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Warning safety sign

Warning safety sign

Warning sign in fire safety is for the identification of hazards on and adjacent to the Means of Escape: These JALITE signs will help to identify hazards such as trip hazards, flammable and hazardous substances and electrical hazards on and near the means of escape route. It is particularly important that these hazards are identified to protect anyone using these routes including any fire fighters that may be on the premises. All JALITE photoluminescent safety signs provide extra visible cues in and adjacent to escape routes and help orientation in an emergency. They are a key element of education and training and being conspicuous in both the light and dark surroundings are a key reminder of safety. Each JALITE sign in the work or public environment is a beacon of light in power failure and an immediate, visible sign of an active safety policy.

Unblock your Emergency Exits

Unblock your Emergency Exits

Fire safety is rarely on the forefront of our minds.  In our everyday lives, fire tragedies are things that happen to other people on the evening news. The truth is that 2,640 people died and 15,635 were injured in 484,500 fires in 2011, in the US alone. Fires are not a rarity; in the US there was a structure fire reported every minute in 2011. So, what can you do to help yourself, people you care about, employees, customers, and first responders? It’s simple. Clearly identify your emergency exits and ensure that they are accessible. Blocked emergency exits are a major problem all around the world; infamous events like Coconut Grove fire, the Station Night club, and now the Kiss Nightclub fire in Brazil. Others are well known because so many people were killed when their emergency exits were blocked. But others exist, just as tragic but less well known because there were fewer fatalities. Tragedies like this one can be prevented. Rick Ornberg, author and former firefighter, recently wrote an article on his blog about the importance of keeping emergency exits clear. “National fire codes are full of life-safety related requirements that were written following one of several major tragedies in the workplace, in schools and in places of public assembly. Many of those were written after incidents where piles of burned corpses were found stacked against a locked or blocked exit.” Ornberg wrote, in response to seeing several emergency exits blocked in local restaurants and businesses. One needs only to search blocked exits to see the truth in Ornber’s words; Wikipedia has an entire section dedicated to tragedies caused by blocked exits. If you see an exit being blocked at your workplace or where you eat and shop, will you do yourself and those around the service of mentioning it to someone in charge? If your place of work routinely has an exit blocked installing the appropriate sign is the least you can do to assist in keeping your facility and its occupants safe.

JALITE Nosing for Stair Leading Edge

JALITE Nosing for Stair Leading Edge

JALITE nosing for the leading edge of the stair fulfill OSHA Requirement for stairs as well as providing the key element for stairwell egress path marking under IBC/IFC code: 1910.24(f) "Stair treads." All treads shall be reasonably slip-resistant and the nosings shall be of nonslip finish. Welded bar grating treads without nosings are acceptable providing the leading edge can be readily identified by personnel descending the stairway and provided the tread is serrated or is of definite nonslip design. Rise height and tread width shall be uniform throughout any flight of stairs including any foundation structure used as one or more treads of the stairs. To fulfill its responsibility to provide a safe workplace, OSHA requires that stair treads be reasonably slip-resistant and that in particular the stair nosing have a slip resistant finish. In addition the leading edge of each step should be readily identified by someone descending the stairwell. JALITE stair nosing and thresholds not only provide a slip resistant finish but are highly visible under normal conditions and power loss conditions, ensuring  that your facility does not just comply, but exceeds the OSHA requirements.

Safety Way guidance research in Canada

Safety Way guidance research in Canada

The Publication of research findings from the first real evacuations on stairwells by the late Dr Guylene Proulx was a milestone in the development of photoluminescent safety way guidance systems. With the research carried out in the UK at the Building Reseach Establishment, under the leadership of Dr Gerry Webber the basis for standards such as BS 5266 - 6 and then ISO 16069 Safety Way guidance systems was given. JALITE has actively and continually supported research in the field and is absolutely committed to support claims of benefits of photoluminescent safety products with hard data.

Background to JALITE Group

JALITE Group has its origins in Switzerland in the late 1970's.The first Trade Mark application for JALITE was the Swiss registration in 1981 with an International Mark filed under the Madrid Convention at the same time. The JALITE name was established throughout the world in the 1980's  and became synonymous for photoluminescent materials and products specifically designed and manufactured for life safety applications. Since these early days, the world has experienced a series of very serious tragedies that have continued to reinforce the need for non-electrical escape route lighting and guidance systems at low location. These systems have to be completely autonomous and independent of traditional electrical emergency lighting systems. Furthermore, these systems are located in close proximity to evacees at floor or low level and are reinforced by the more normal high mounted signs and direction indicating elements used for normal occupancy of the building. JALITE Group has continued to grow progressively from its origins in Switzerland to now offer its product internationally from regional offices on three continents and manufacturing in both Europe and Asia to an ever increasing number of third party distributors serving local market needs and applications.. JALITE PLC in Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom is the Head Quarters of JALITE Group and since its creation in 1983 has been at the forefront of the development of applications in the many and diverse areas of risk reduction using photoluminescence. JALITE Products are sold via a network of Authorised Distributors. The JALITE Authorised Distributors work within specific geographical and application markets.

Brightness Rating MEA

The Brightness Rating of a photoluminescent product is the statement of the luminance decay properties after illumination with 2 ft candles of white (4000-4500oK) fluorescent lights for 2 hours. The statement is the luminance after 10 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes after activation. The minimum requirement for New York City stairwell egress systems is MEA BR 30-7-5. Brightness Rating BR is noted on all components of systems approved by the New York Building Division Material Evaluation and Acceptance Department for use in High Rise Egress Path Marking Systems to be used to meet Local Law 26 RS6-1 of New York City. JALITE AAA and JLUME materials were used by the New York City Building Division as basic calibration materials for independant testing laboratory approval and were the first materials approved for this application. Many more details are available from JALITE Technical Service to provide clear understanding about expected performance under all types of illumination conditions. Needless to say with JALITE competence and experience in this field sytems can be produced to satisfy all requirements. It is fundamental however to note that ALL photoluminescent systems require illumination in order to function. Adequate illumination of the best type possible will provide always the necessary and best possible results.

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In the 35 year history of JALITE, products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language, with the International Safety language English. It has been a JALITE tradition to fully comply with National and International Standards for the design of our products. Now, with JALITE presence on three continents and Authorised Distribtors world wide we can be considered local throughout the world.

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