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AAA Photoluminescent from JALITE

AAA Photoluminescent product from JALITE have the optimum performance characteristics of quick charging even at low ordinary illumination levels with unusually high initial brightness and longevity in the dark, luminance decay mode. JALITE AAA is now the base standard for any photoluminescent safety sign to be compared with and conforms fully to ISO 17398 Class C performance classification and is, as a result, satisfying requirements for Low Location Lighting under ISO 15370 - 2010 revision as well as ISO 3864-4 and ISO 23601 - 2009 for Safety Plan signs.

Train tunnels in Spain

SEÑALIZACIÓN DE EMERGENCIAY BALIZAMIENTO Señalización y balizamiento fotoluminiscente Jalite o similar sera en ACERO con aleación de Níquel-Cromo-Molibdeno, Ni-Cr-Mo 1,4404 de 1mm de espesor, con características fotoluminiscentes en base a pigmentos de aluminatos de estroncio inorgánicos (SrAl2O4: Eu, Dy) totalmente inertes con resistencia a la temperatura de más de 1.000 ºC. Se debe estimular lumínicamente con luz ambiental baja y debe tener una respuesta lumínica mínima de densidad fotoluminiscente superior a 560mcd/m2 a los 10 min. y una atenuación superior a 5.700 min., medidos según Norma UNE 23035/03.   The photoluminescent properties for this type of escape route marking is a special type of Class where the 10 minute brightness is of particular importance and has been a feature of JALITE products since the time of very high initial brightness pigments with shorter decay times.

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JALITE Distributors support application sectors

JALITE Distributors support application sectors

JALITE products are available from a worldwide network of Authorised Distributors committed, with us to provide: Rapid and responsive order processing and delivery Technical service and support on product requirements Competitive quotations and advice on special sign design and requirements Authorized distributors and dealers for JALITE photoluminescent safety products now support the following major market and application areas throughout  the world Marine safety and low location lighting systems. International Maritime Organisation (IMO) safety signs. Offshore oil and exploration platforms and installations. Fire protection and fire safety equipment location signs. Fire alarm location signs and security escape lighting systems. Aircraft and train safety signs and floor proximity escape route lighting. Road signs and tunnel emergency escape route marking. Military, navy and civil defence emergency lighting. Power generation, nuclear power installation evacuation route marking systems. Office and laboratory safety equipment supplies. Evacuation equipment supplies, service and maintenance.

Safety Signs and Symbols

Safety Signs and Symbols Since the early 1970's, National and International Standards bodies have been working to provide best practice in the design of graphical symbol safety signs. The ultimate goal is to communicate effectively with safety signs and symbols that are independent of language. With base work being done in the 1990's on the process of standardization and coordination of efforts from all over the world, the keystone International Standard ISO 7010 was born. ISO 7010 -2011 has now completed a further revision to cover the vast majority of safety signs and symbols common to the workplace. Many more are in the process of standardisation covering more specialised fields and to provide essential accreditation to the best practice available for all the presently standardised safety signs from many other ISO sources and the world. JALITE has participated in this process now for more than 20 years and offers the ultimate service of design and conformance to best practice standards. It is expected that ISO 7010 will be adopted as the National Standard by many countries and has now become the European Standard as ISO EN 7010.

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A Solid, Secure Partnership     JALITE has recognized that photoluminecent safety products need local customer support and services in order for end user clients to maximize their benefits from these products. Furthermore, the enormous breadth and depth of applications for photoluminescence in safety requires good client-supplier relationships. JALITE Distributors share the prime values of quality, integrity and providing a bundle of value added services and benefits along with the products. Best practice requires that little extra effort without a price tag. If you have an "above minimum requirements" client base when it comes to safety and you are interested to take on the JALITE range of products best suited to your clients and service capabilities just call or e-mail or fill in our contact form.

Mandatory action safety signs

Mandatory notices help in preventing fires and in the eventuality of a fire limits the spread of fire by instructing occupants, be it in onboard ship or onshore locations, of the mandatory requirements within a fire safety policy. These notices should be displayed prominently and can be used as part of formal fire safety education and training. Mandatory action safety signs cover the whole range of personal protection equipment used to instruct workers to protect themselves appropriately in the workplace.

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JALITE Authorised Distributors share the JALITE philosophy of providing best practice advice and guidance in the selection of product and in supply, installation, service and maintenance.

JALITE products are found from professionals in the fields of property management and maintenance, fire protection and fire prevention service companies, safety product supply companies and other specialist sign companies.

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Jalite is active in over 109 countries

In the 35 year history of JALITE, products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language, with the International Safety language English. It has been a JALITE tradition to fully comply with National and International Standards for the design of our products. Now, with JALITE presence on three continents and Authorised Distribtors world wide we can be considered local throughout the world. Interested to Distribute JALITE products in your area of safety or your district and country? Just send us a mail and contact us now with an introduction.

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