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Warning safety sign

Warning sign in fire safety is for the identification of hazards on and adjacent to the Means of Escape: These JALITE signs will help to identify hazards such as trip hazards, flammable and hazardous substances and electrical hazards on and near the means of escape route. It is particularly important that these hazards are identified to protect anyone using these routes including any fire fighters that may be on the premises. All JALITE photoluminescent safety signs provide extra visible cues in and adjacent to escape routes and help orientation in an emergency. They are a key element of education and training and being conspicuous in both the light and dark surroundings are a key reminder of safety. Each JALITE sign in the work or public environment is a beacon of light in power failure and an immediate, visible sign of an active safety policy.


Fires or accidents in tunnels can be a major risk to human life and the effective identification of escape routes is paramount. Limited escape facilities and difficulties encountered by emergency services in gaining access to tunnel incidents calls for considered fire and emergency safety management. Tunnels and underground transport facilities are growing in terms of popularity and size in order to reduce rising traffic densities and congestion. As tunnel design evolves we need to identify the many hazards to be addressed: Increase in length of modern tunnels, unfamiliar territory - egress disorientation Transportation of hazardous materials - potential of contamination Higher fire loads due to growing increase in traffic volume coupled with higher load capacities – increasing fire risk Mechanical defects in motor vehicles – sources of ignition. Potential deterioration and failure/smoke logging of traditional escape route systems. Vehicle breakdown, road traffic accidents with inherently disorientated vehicle occupants. Fires within tunnels present an extremely high risk to occupants, the below table lists some of the international tragedies from recent years. The numbers highlight the horrific consequences of tunnel fire. Location Fatalities Location Fatalities Mont Blanc, France 39 Hokuriku Tunnel, Japan 34 Tauern Tunnel, Austria 12 Pecorile Tunnel, Italy 8 Vierzy Tunnel, France 108 Isola delle Femmine, Italy 5 Pfander Tunnel, Austria 3 Kaprun, Austria 155 Nihonzaka, Japan 7 St Gottard Tunnel, Switzerland 11 *Source: Alan Beard & Richard Carrel - The handbook of tunnel fire safety: 2005   With all the associated risks it is imperative that a fast and effective evacuation system is established to correctly identify the escape route educating evacuees to make an informed decision on egress. The serious outcome and risks associated with tunnel fires, emergency escape route systems are of the utmost importance in relation to life safety. With this in mind Jalite have developed an outstanding product raange for tunnels - engineered for life safety! Owing to the stringent requirements on constructional materials for use within tunnels, many of the common materials used in the photoluminescent industry are deemed unsuitable due to non compliance to the low smoke zero halogen requirements (LSZH). Jalite have strived to overcome the material restrictions and risen to the challenge meeting and exceeding requirements with the all new Jalite 316 LLL System and Jalite Polycarbonate Photoluminescent Escape Route Signs designed specifically for tunnels.

JALITE Stair nosing and egress path markers

JALITE photoluminescent stair nosing are combined with demarcation lines, way guidance signage, handrail markings and other components to provide a complete stairwell egress system according to code. Contact JALITE for a full survey to be arranged and support service for installation and maintenance through the JALITE Distributorship network.

UL924 Exit Signs

Using photoluminescent technology JALITE UL Listed Exit signs harvest the energy from existing light sources in your facility to provide a long lasting and highly visible sign, even after a loss of power. JALITE UL924 Listed Photoluminescent Exit Signs come in Red or to be recommended safety Green and have convenient field applied chevrons to indicate direction when necessary. They are also available in printed PVC or Aluminum and products have been designed to meet both the 50 feet and 75 feet observation requirments after 90 minutes of total darkness. JALITE has pionnered the design and listing of UL924 Listed Exit signs using the ISO 7010 Graphical symbol with the meaning EXIT. A dedicated product site is available for UL 924 Listed EXIT signs at

JALITE Product Options

JALITE Product Options: Design Code Safety message or meaning Material Aluminium, Flexible or rigid  PVC,  Reverse Print PVC, Polycarbonate etc. Sign format Flat, Flag/Flange, Panoramic, Square, Landscape and Portrait Size Standard sizes given as a size code or depending on observation distance (Z factor) Luminance performance ISO 17398 Class C Standard JALITEAAA and JALITESB JLUME D Class or Higher performance on demand Fabrication and finishing options are available: Protective surface coating with UV protection Rounded or shaped corners Self adhesive applied Drill holes Mountings and supports Corporate identity Just contact us and we can add an option especially for you !

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Career challenges in JALITE safety products

Career challenges in JALITE safety products

The following positions are presently open in Head Office Sales Coordinator Product Manager Technical Service Coordinator Graphic Designer Sales and Marketing positions are open in both JALITE INC and JALITE Asia Ltd   Interested ambitious and extremely dedicated candidates are invited to send detailed CV and accompanying letter in own hand writing to JALITE PLC by mail or be e-mail to    

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In the 35 year history of JALITE, products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language, with the International Safety language English. It has been a JALITE tradition to fully comply with National and International Standards for the design of our products. Now, with JALITE presence on three continents and Authorised Distribtors world wide we can be considered local throughout the world. Interested to Distribute JALITE products in your area of safety or your district and country? Just send us a mail and contact us now with an introduction.

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