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JALITE Manufacturing

JALITE Manufacturing

JALITE manufactures and process 1000's of square meters of photoluminescent material each year for over 25 years no other company has this experience in this field

Background to JALITE Group

JALITE Group has its origins in Switzerland in the late 1970's.The first Trade Mark application for JALITE was the Swiss registration in 1981 with an International Mark filed under the Madrid Convention at the same time. The JALITE name was established throughout the world in the 1980's  and became synonymous for photoluminescent materials and products specifically designed and manufactured for life safety applications. Since these early days, the world has experienced a series of very serious tragedies that have continued to reinforce the need for non-electrical escape route lighting and guidance systems at low location. These systems have to be completely autonomous and independent of traditional electrical emergency lighting systems. Furthermore, these systems are located in close proximity to evacees at floor or low level and are reinforced by the more normal high mounted signs and direction indicating elements used for normal occupancy of the building. JALITE Group has continued to grow progressively from its origins in Switzerland to now offer its product internationally from regional offices on three continents and manufacturing in both Europe and Asia to an ever increasing number of third party distributors serving local market needs and applications.. JALITE PLC in Basildon, Essex, United Kingdom is the Head Quarters of JALITE Group and since its creation in 1983 has been at the forefront of the development of applications in the many and diverse areas of risk reduction using photoluminescence. JALITE Products are sold via a network of Authorised Distributors. The JALITE Authorised Distributors work within specific geographical and application markets.

Safety Way guidance research in Canada

Safety Way guidance research in Canada

The Publication of research findings from the first real evacuations on stairwells by the late Dr Guylene Proulx was a milestone in the development of photoluminescent safety way guidance systems. With the research carried out in the UK at the Building Reseach Establishment, under the leadership of Dr Gerry Webber the basis for standards such as BS 5266 - 6 and then ISO 16069 Safety Way guidance systems was given. JALITE has actively and continually supported research in the field and is absolutely committed to support claims of benefits of photoluminescent safety products with hard data.

ISO 7010 - 2011 Registered Safety Signs

ISO 7010 - 2011 Registered Safety Signs

ISO 7010 - 2011 is a milestone Standard for graphical symbol based safety communications. JALITE is totally commited to the best practice model of using consensus National and International Standards with the highest credentials for its products and has worked now in ISO Technical Committees and working Groups for nearly 20 years to be at the forefront of this process. JALITE safety sign products that conform to ISO 7010 - 2011 can be seen on all the group companies web sites and can be searched on the search function on this site by the unique ISO registration codes.

"Deadly serious about safety signs"

Safety signs produced to JALITE best practice have at least 10 key features that distinguish them from the local printer. All JALITE customer facing employees are expected to know the product line, the key features and the prevailing Standards in the field. JALITE is happy to explain to all clients the key features of a designed safety sign that is fit for purpose.

Legislation , Products

International Safety Signs and Symbols

International Safety Signs and Symbols

JALITE since 1981 has been involved in developing and applying Standards to photoluminescent safety products a useful reference list of Standards used are as follows: Specification Properties and test methods ISO BS 17398 Safety colours and safety signs -- Classification, performance and durability of safety signs ISO BS 3864-4 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 4: Colorimetric and photometric properties of safety sign materials ISO 9186-1 Graphical symbols -- Test methods -- Part 1: Methods for testing comprehensibility ISO 9186- 2 Graphical symbols -- Test methods -- Part 2: Method for testing perceptual quality DIN 67510-1 Photoluminescent pigments and products - Part 1 Measurement and marking by the producer   Specification Design ISO BS 7010 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Safety signs used in workplaces and public areas ISO 3864 -1 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings ISO 3864 - 3 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 3: Design principles for graphical symbols for use in safety signs BS 5499-1  Fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols ISO 24409-1 Ships and marine technology -- Design, location and use of shipboard safety signsfor fire protection, life-saving appliances, and means of escape -- Part 1: Design principles ISO 20712-1 Water safety signs and beach safety flags -- Part 1: Specifications for water safety signs used in workplaces and public areas ISO 17631 Ships and marine technology -- Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape   Code- Application ISO 15370 Ships and marine technology -- Low-location lighting (LLL) on passenger ships –Arrangement ISO BS 16069 Graphical symbols -- Safety signs -- Safety way guidance systems (SWGS) ISO 23601 Safety identification  Escape and evacuation plan signs BS 5499-4 Safety signs, including fire safety signs. Code of practice for escape route signing    

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JALITE Authorised Distributors share the JALITE philosophy of providing best practice advice and guidance in the selection of product and in supply, installation, service and maintenance.

JALITE products are found from professionals in the fields of property management and maintenance, fire protection and fire prevention service companies, safety product supply companies and other specialist sign companies.

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