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OSHA Compliant Exit Signs

JALITE OSHA Compliant Exit Signs meet OSHA Federal Register: 1910.37 (b) (4) and 1910.37 (b) (7). They reliably identify the direction to the nearest exit under both normal and emergency conditions. JALITE Exit signs have both left and right peel-and stick chevrons provided to indicate the correct direction of travel. They are also available in the Flange Sign or Flag sign option double sided for optimum visual attributes in corridors. JALITE OSHA Approved Exit Signs meet and exceed all of OSHA's requirements for Exit signs. Ensure your workplace is fully compliant with OSHA regulations using the appropriate JALITE OSHA Approved Exit Sign.

The Key to Tunnel Safety: Getting Out

At 8pm the evening of August 10, 1903 in Paris’ popular Couronnes underground subway passengers anxiously awaited to make their way home. Then an empty train that had caught fire made its way into the station. While at first thought to be under control, the fire soon grew and overwhelmed the stations. With the power cut and smoke quickly spreading, it claimed the lives of 84 people. While this is one of the earliest tunnel tragedies, it certainly wasn’t the last: - On November 18, 1987 31 people were killed when a similar fire broke out in the King’s Cross tube tunnels when they became disoriented and trapped by darkness and smoke. - On March 24, 1999 truck fire in the Mont Blanc Tunnel in the Alps killed 38 people who were trapped in the tunnel and unsure of what to do. - On December 2, 2012 the collapse of the Sasago Tunnel in Japan killed 9 people and trapped many more when concrete paneling from the ceiling of the tunnel collapsed and ignited vehicles below. Preventing such tragedies may not be possible, but there are ways to prepare for them that enhances the safety of our citizens using tunnels. According to the US Fire Association the number one cause of death in a fire is smoke inhalation, not the actual flames. As was the case in the tunnel disasters stated above: inhaling toxic smoke was the leading cause of death. Knowing how to exit is key to surviving any fire and it’s no different in a tunnel. has a safety checklist for what to do if in a tunnel emergency. In the event of a fire the checklist states that you should not try to extinguish a car fire unless it has just started, and if it is not possible to extinguish the fire to leave immediately through the nearest emergency exit. Photoluminescent markings provide a reliable and highly visible way to identify exits throughout a tunnel. Charged by the ambient light they’re always ready for service. That’s why you’ll find JALITE egress markers and safety signs light the way in many tunnels today. Such tunnels include: - The Hindhead Tunnel in London, England. - The Cross Harbor Tunnel in Hong Kong, China - The SeaTac Tunnel in Seattle, Washington - The Lincoln Tunnel in New York City, New York - And more!

ISO Signs and Symbols Standards affecting photoluminescent products

A number of new ISO Signs and Symbol Standards have been published in the last year or are under revision and elaboration. The full series of ISO 3864 (parts 1 3 and 4) design principles are in the final stages of revision. ISO 24409 -1 for the design of shipboard safety signs has been published and ISO 24409-2 is progressing for the catalogue of shipboard safety signs many of which will be included in ISO 7010. All these standards are now impacting the safety sign and photoluminescent business. They cover design of safety signs, colour and photometric properties of safety signs, marine and offshore safety signs, water safety signs and escape and evacuation plans. JALITE has participated in the elaboration of all these Standards and if you want to find out what is going on just mail us.

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If you are seeking a local JALITE Authorised Distributor, then the first thing to do is to ask your existing or closest reputable fire protection or safety products supply company. It is highly likely they are already a stockist/reseller of JALITE photoluminescent safety products. All JALITE products meeting the required standard carry the JALITE Registered Mark so never take a substitute. All reputable safety companies can easily secure the necessary information from us in order to be able to supply you rapidly. If you are normally purchasing safety products from a catalogue and the catalogue is not carrying the JALITE branded safety signs then please send us details and we will gladly contact them to see if they will satisfy your needs. If you can identify clearly your product requirments from our web site please send them to us directly and we will make sure that they can be supplied to you from an existing Authorized JALITE Distributor as close to you as possible. In all cases we are here to help you on

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Fire Safety Tip

Fire Safety Tip

Fire safety equipment can vary from one facility to another depending on regulation, but for sure the risks in case of fire is common to them all. A commitment to safety from fire is one that incorporates the right safety equipment such as fire alarms, fire hoses, fire extinguishers, or full fire suppression systems matched to the risk. Regardless of which safety measure is in place at your facility, each requires providing the occupants with information in the event of a fire. Information as basic as where the equipment is located to information as sophisticated as what type of fire can be fought, or when and how to evacuate an area during an emergency. This information can be critical to saving lives. JALITE offers a wide range of standard fire safety signs so you can be confident that the required message can be communicated and with our high brightness material you can be sure it will be communicated when it’s needed – lights on or off! That’s right, in a fire, the potential for a loss of power is high as well as the obscuring of light due to smoke, so take a fire safety tip from JALITE, use JALITE  photoluminescent fire safety signs to identify your fire safety equipment and inform your occupants on what to do in the event of a fire. Contact us to find out where you can purchase Jalite Fire Safety Signs

Fire Extinguishers and Hoses Become Unusable

May 6th marks the first week of the 33rd annual International Code Council’s 2013 Building Safety Month, which sets out to raise awareness about building safety. In week one Fire Safety and Awareness is the theme and why we’d like to bring your attention to how fire equipment is being rendered useless. How?  Because fire safety equipment becomes hidden in the “everyday” of the workplace, or obscured in an emergency by smoke or a power outage. That is why this week we would like to discuss fire safety equipment location and identification. Last Year between 70,000 and 80, 000 workplace fires were reported in the U.S. alone, with over 200 death and 5,000 injuries received as a result. For this very reason, OSHA mandates that fire equipment not only be provided but also identified and maintained. Yet we here at JALITE have found that a disturbing number of employees have no idea where fire equipment is located under normal circumstances, never mind in an emergency. If employees cannot find fire equipment in an emergency then not only is the investment in the equipment wasted, but so are those first minutes that could have saved lives. So what is there to do? Over the past 30 years, JALITE has trained fire professionals on how to provide a low cost solutions that identifies life saving fire equipment, especially in an emergency. Our photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs are guaranteed to shine with exceptional brightness and long lasting illumination no matter the circumstance. For more information about fire safety and awareness, be sure to check out our past articles on high rise fires, nightclub fires, and the dangers of blocked exits in a fire

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In the 35 year history of JALITE, products have been developed and supplied to over 100 countries in the world and often with safety messages in the local language or with dual language, with the International Safety language English. It has been a JALITE tradition to fully comply with National and International Standards for the design of our products. Now, with JALITE presence on three continents and Authorised Distribtors world wide we can be considered local throughout the world. Interested to Distribute JALITE products in your area of safety or your district and country? Just send us a mail and contact us now with an introduction.

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