There are over 1 million people  injured and 12,000 fatalities due to falling down stairs each year; in people ages 64-84, falls are the leading cause of injury-related deaths. In addition, businesses pay roughly over $11 billion a year on workplace accident. Statistics indicate the problem is actually getting worse, with the number of injuries from falling down stairs doubling in the last 10 years. Compare this to the number of fire injuries, which has been reduced by half, and one can see this issue must be addressed.
There is a misconception that falling down stairs is due to poor traction, however building consultant expert and researcher Jake Pauls has found that it has more to do with people not properly seeing the stairs and misstepping. Experts suggest that you can prevent a misstep not only by improving lighting conditions, but also by marking the nosing of every step to make them more visible. That is why JALITE offers our range of stair markers, engineered to be visible in both normal and emergency conditions. For more information contact JALITE today.