Every year, over 5,900 restaurant fires occur in the US alone. 57% of restaurant fires are confined and result in minimal injuries and damage, while 43% are nonconfined fires that are able to burn out of control.
Infamous fires such as the Cocoanut Grove and the Station Nightclub became nonconfined fires when staff and/or patrons were unable to extinguish the fire before it spread. According to FireEngineering.com, had occupants been able to find fire extinguishers during that night at the Station Nightclub, the loss of life would have been far less than what occurred.
The best way to prevent damage and loss of life in a restaurant fire is early detection and confining the fire before it spreads. This allows employees and patrons a chance to get out safely.
While most restaurants in the US have readily available fire extinguishers, but most occupants are not aware of the location of the devices; rendering them useless. JALITE photoluminescent safety signs will allows anyone to find a fire extinguisher even in the darkest and smokiest conditions, giving them time to get out of danger. Visit our website or email us to find out more today!