"JALITE Group is committed to a never ending process of continuous improvement to meet and exceed client needs and expectations"

"JALITE Authorised Distributors share the quality philosophy to deliver product, installation and maintenance services to meet client requirements"

JALITE has adopted Total Quality as a prime operating principle governing the exchanges of products and services both externally and internally within the enterprise.

Performance against quality standards is continually monitored and deviations and defects studied for assignable causes.

JALITE leads in performance testing and characterisation of photoluminescence and photoluminescent decay under normal installed lighting.

Statistical Process control on key product attributes such as luminance decay characteristics is an essential element of conforming to the JALITE specifications.

“Quality is free, but is the fruit of knowledge, experience, hard work, process and organisation”

"Jalite Group can show you full traceability for all our products back to the 80’s and test data on performance testing – who else can?”

"The photoluminescence and luminance decay characteristics and classification according to ISO 17398 of any photoluminescent safety product must be part of any product specification and controlled by the manufacturer”