Many emergency lights and Exit signs use a backup battery to perform under emergency conditions, however they have don’t have the ability to differentiate between a power outage due to a hurricane and a power outage due to an emergency such as a fire in the facility – they will revert to battery power until normal power conditions are restored.

Unfortunately the wide spread loss of power due to the recent storm will reduce the service life of the batteries in the traditional electrical emergency lighting systems and increase the maintenance costs, using more of the limited resources of facilities across the North East.

Fortunately some facilities have taken steps to proactively reduce maintenance costs, and will not have to replace batteries in their EXIT signs as they have installed non-electric photoluminescent EXIT signs from Jalite.

These UL Listed EXIT Signs are compliant with NFPA Life Safety Code 101 and the IBC code, and require NO additional power where conditions permit. (See below)*

Contact Jalite to find a distributor near you, and reduce maintenance costs in your facility. Or visit our new website exclusively devoted to our full range of UL Listed EXIT signs.

*A minimum of 5 foot candles of fluorescent ambient light must be on the face of the sign when occupied.