Jalite AAA photoluminescent tapes are like no other, engineered with the highest initial luminance in its class, it gives occupants the most light when they need it - during the first minutes of a power outage.

Jalite AAA tapes luminance also last an extraordinarily long time, even with a minimal charge or exposure to the background lighting!

Jalite photoluminescent tapes have been provided with an exceptionally versatile and strong adhesive for good service on walls and handrails and various surfaces.

JALITE Phtoluminescent Tapes were the first tapes full accredited for LLL according to ISO 15370 and approved by the Japanese Ministry of Transport. They were also the first tapes approved by the New York Building Divisions Material and Equipment Acceptance for stairwell egress systems.

Unlike many materials used in New York City, JALITE tapes were shown to perform extremely well in all installed locations as required around obstacles and on handrails.