To maintain a safe work place, and comply with OSHA requirements, employers must provide the proper signs to indicate the exit route, and the safety equipment installed in their facility.

For example Section 1910.37(b) which states: "Each exit must be clearly visible and marked by a sign reading 'Exit.' " or Section 1926.34(b): " 'Exit marking.' Exits shall be marked by a readily visible sign. Access to exits shall be marked by readily visible signs in all cases where the exit or way to reach it is not immediately visible to the occupants". Ask your local Jalite Distributor for our OSHA compliant EXIT sign to ensure your workplace is compliant, even if there is a loss of power!

Best practice in response to risk assessment would demand a comprehensive array of directional signs meeting OSHA requirments to ensure that the means of escape is secured at all times. JALITE Photoluminescent products add that extra and essential feature of mitigating the risk of failure of emergency lighting or protecting occupied areas not requiring such provisions. Furthermore, they provide the means to provide directional information duplicated at low location providing escape path information economically and without the need for heavy costs of wiring and maintenance.

OSHA regulations also require safety signs and notices to be used to reduce risk by reinforcing training and education, to provide warnings of risks in the workplace and protective measures, including the prohibition of behaviour likely to create a risk of any kind.