JALITE Compliant Means NYC Code Compliant In reviewing New York City's new code, you can be confident that JALITE entire NYC RS 6-1 product line is 100% code compliant.

In writing Local Law 26, the New York City Council gave the duty of writing the requirements with regards to the use of photoluminescence in Class E high rises to the Department of Buildings (DOB). In 2004 Jalite USA chaired a pro bono task force of experts in the areas of human behavior, photoluminescence, fire safety, and stairwell egress to put together a formal recommendation to the DOB. This group's recommendation, delivered in October of 2004, served as the key technical starting point for the Reference Standard 6-1 which was finally published in June of 2005.

When Building Departments' Commissioner Lancaster appointed a 10-member panel to review and finalize RS 6-1 code requirements, JALITE alone was asked to represent the manufacturers.

When the department of Materials and Equipment Approval (MEA) qualified the laboratories that could test photoluminescent material, they asked for different grades of JALITE material to test each lab's competency in testing the luminance of photoluminescent material.

Why did New York City turn to JALITE?  Because for 30 years, we've been developing code compliant directional and exit guidance systems for government, commercial, and residential environments around the world. Our photoluminescent systems light the way to safety on six continents in dozens of languages and are tailored to hundreds of local codes making JALITE the world's largest purchaser of photoluminescent pigments.

That's why we say "Jalite compliant means NYC code compliant." One phone call to (800) 901-4374 can solve all your NYC code requirements.

One email to sales@jaliteusa.com will put you in contact with a dealer trained to answer all your questions and to supply you with everything you need to certify your building.