JALITE nosing for the leading edge of the stair fulfill OSHA Requirement for stairs as well as providing the key element for stairwell egress path marking under IBC/IFC code:

"Stair treads." All treads shall be reasonably slip-resistant and the nosings shall be of nonslip finish. Welded bar grating treads without nosings are acceptable providing the leading edge can be readily identified by personnel descending the stairway and provided the tread is serrated or is of definite nonslip design. Rise height and tread width shall be uniform throughout any flight of stairs including any foundation structure used as one or more treads of the stairs.

To fulfill its responsibility to provide a safe workplace, OSHA requires that stair treads be reasonably slip-resistant and that in particular the stair nosing have a slip resistant finish. In addition the leading edge of each step should be readily identified by someone descending the stairwell. JALITE stair nosing and thresholds not only provide a slip resistant finish but are highly visible under normal conditions and power loss conditions, ensuring  that your facility does not just comply, but exceeds the OSHA requirements.