This Standard now gives the basis for quality attributes for photoluminescent materials and safety signs. JALITE has been a leading contributor to both National and International Standards with the objective of helping authorities specify products for the safety needs. Needless to say JALITE manufactures the full range of materials from Classifications A to D and has its unique grades of JALITE AAA and JLUME both simply brilliant in their category. It is now accepted that to meet the vast majority of codes and standards for photoluminescent safety products and applications that products have a minimum performance classification of Class C according to ISO 17398. JALITE AAA and JALITE SB products largely exceed this requirement with added benefits of high brightness and quick charge.

ISO 17398:2004 specifies requirements for a performance-related classification system for safety signs according to expected service environment, principal materials, photometric properties, means of illumination, fixing methods and surface. Performance criteria and test methods are specified in ISO 17398:2004 so that properties related to durability and expected service life can be characterized and specified at the time of the product's delivery to the purchaser.

ISO 17398:2004 does not cover electrical power supplies, their components or electrically powered elements. It also does not cover properties of illuminating components, but the photometric properties for the particular types of safety signs are covered.