May 6th marks the first week of the 33rd annual International Code Council’s 2013 Building Safety Month, which sets out to raise awareness about building safety. In week one Fire Safety and Awareness is the theme and why we’d like to bring your attention to how fire equipment is being rendered useless. How?  Because fire safety equipment becomes hidden in the “everyday” of the workplace, or obscured in an emergency by smoke or a power outage. That is why this week we would like to discuss fire safety equipment location and identification.
Last Year between 70,000 and 80, 000 workplace fires were reported in the U.S. alone, with over 200 death and 5,000 injuries received as a result. For this very reason, OSHA mandates that fire equipment not only be provided but also identified and maintained. Yet we here at JALITE have found that a disturbing number of employees have no idea where fire equipment is located under normal circumstances, never mind in an emergency. If employees cannot find fire equipment in an emergency then not only is the investment in the equipment wasted, but so are those first minutes that could have saved lives. So what is there to do? Over the past 30 years, JALITE has trained fire professionals on how to provide a low cost solutions that identifies life saving fire equipment, especially in an emergency. Our photoluminescent Fire Safety Signs are guaranteed to shine with exceptional brightness and long lasting illumination no matter the circumstance.
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