EXIT comes from 16th Century Latin verb Exire (third person singular of the verb Exire Ex = out Ire = go) used first in the theatrical sense he/she/it goes out. The word EXIT itself has, through common use over the ages, become a "symbol" for the door leading out of an enclosed area. EXIT has however a much broader use and often defined more generally as the way out of a troublesome situation. The one thing for sure is that in an emergency it is the goal to find the way to one as soon as possible and to move confidently towards the final EXIT door.

It has been incredible over the last 25 years the number of opinions that have been voiced about how this can be done efficiently and effectively in the built environment and indeed building consensus at International level was very hard to come to but eventually was produced in ISO 16069. ISO 16069 has become the basis for all work and efforts for the specification and design of safety way guidance systems and especially for the detailed explanation and standardisation of the use of Exit signs and escape route direction signs.

JALITE Exit Signs have the highest credentials and are the only company to produce the fully accredited ISO 7010 Emergency Exit signs meeting the requirements of ULC924 and are fully Listed.