The Brightness Rating of a photoluminescent product is the statement of the luminance decay properties after illumination with 2 ft candles of white (4000-4500oK) fluorescent lights for 2 hours. The statement is the luminance after 10 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes after activation. The minimum requirement for New York City stairwell egress systems is MEA BR 30-7-5. Brightness Rating BR is noted on all components of systems approved by the New York Building Division Material Evaluation and Acceptance Department for use in High Rise Egress Path Marking Systems to be used to meet Local Law 26 RS6-1 of New York City.

JALITE AAA and JLUME materials were used by the New York City Building Division as basic calibration materials for independant testing laboratory approval and were the first materials approved for this application.

Many more details are available from JALITE Technical Service to provide clear understanding about expected performance under all types of illumination conditions. Needless to say with JALITE competence and experience in this field sytems can be produced to satisfy all requirements.

It is fundamental however to note that ALL photoluminescent systems require illumination in order to function. Adequate illumination of the best type possible will provide always the necessary and best possible results.