International Safety Signs and Symbols

While ISO, International Standard Organisation, gives the catalogue of safety signs for the workplace and public areas in ISO 7010, many Standards now influence the design of photoluminescent safety signs and products.

JALITE since 1981 has been involved in developing and applying Standards to photoluminescent safety products a useful reference list of Standards used are as follows:

Specification Properties and test methods

ISO BS 17398 Safety colours and safety signs -- Classification, performance and durability of safety signs

ISO BS 3864-4 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 4: Colorimetric and photometric properties of safety sign


ISO 9186-1 Graphical symbols -- Test methods -- Part 1: Methods for testing comprehensibility

ISO 9186- 2 Graphical symbols -- Test methods -- Part 2: Method for testing perceptual quality

DIN 67510-1 Photoluminescent pigments and products - Part 1 Measurement and marking by the producer


Specification Design

ISO BS 7010 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Safety signs used in workplaces and public areas

ISO 3864 -1 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 1: Design principles for safety signs and safety markings

ISO 3864 - 3 Graphical symbols -- Safety colours and safety signs -- Part 3: Design principles for graphical symbols for use in safety signs

BS 5499-1  Fire safety signs, notices and graphic symbols

ISO 24409-1 Ships and marine technology -- Design, location and use of shipboard safety signsfor fire protection, life-saving

appliances, and means of escape -- Part 1: Design principles

ISO 20712-1 Water safety signs and beach safety flags -- Part 1: Specifications for water safety signs used in workplaces and public


ISO 17631 Ships and marine technology -- Shipboard plans for fire protection, life-saving appliances and means of escape


Code- Application

ISO 15370 Ships and marine technology -- Low-location lighting (LLL) on passenger ships –Arrangement

ISO BS 16069 Graphical symbols -- Safety signs -- Safety way guidance systems (SWGS)

ISO 23601 Safety identification  Escape and evacuation plan signs

BS 5499-4 Safety signs, including fire safety signs. Code of practice for escape route signing



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BS ISO EN 7010

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Health and Safety Sign Association

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